Re: Andersen Feed not in Pelham Tractor Supply again

Irene Collins-Fotino

Hi all,

I spoke to Randy as well. I also spoke to the district manager of TSC in our area. The district manager had been told by HIS
manager that the relationship with Andersen Feed had been terminated. Talk about false information. So I asked the district
manager to call Randy directly and the DM now understands that Stabul 1 can now be ordered for the Pelham store.

Dawn - The cost of Stabul 1 on Chewy is double what I am paying now at TSC. I would love to order through TSC, but not at
that price.

Kim - I asked Randy if he could ship directly to me and he said that freight cost would make that cost prohibitive. How does your
arrangement with Randy work? If the feed could be sent to me directly, that would solve alot of problems!

Thanks all for your thoughts! Stay safe & health  :-)

Irene & Logan
NRC 2009
Hudson, NH

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