Correct Pergolide dosage before seasonal rise?

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Hi all,

Forgive me Dr Kellon, for I have been a bad mom, it's been 11 months since my last bloodwork and unfortunately the recent numbers came back bad.  I should have clued in earlier as his skin/coat has been bad and he got a little tenderfooted for no reason.

He's on 2.5 mg Pergolide and the ACTH is 112.

My question is should I double the Pergolide dose now?  Or increase gradually in 1 mg increments?  Increase to what dose?  How long will it take for the ACTH level to decrease?

He's only 10 yrs old - I'm scared what dose he's going to be on when he's 20!

The calculator shows that he went from a RSQI of Uncompensated IR in 04/16/2019 to Poorly Compensated IR.  Which is worse?

I seem to vaguely remember reading that there is a surgery to remove the tumor that causes PPID?  Is there such a surgery or am I just wishful thinking?

Thanks for your help!
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