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Hi Nina,

You got it! He's handsome.

Now ,can you go back to the signature box ,in Subscription and add the Photo link.....
to your signature.......remembering to hit Save.

In your other post ,did you mean he is only being fed 8 pounds a day of hay, or did I misunderstand?


Lorna  in Eastern  Ontario


 Yes. About 8 lbs is what I can get in the bag plus what he eats in the paddock with his muzzle on. If he eats much more I’ll never get the weight off him. Although I should note I am guessing. I cannot find a scale anywhere except a luggage scale on Amazon which would probably work. Money, money and more money.. lol :) Thanks for the compliment on him. I hope I can get him back to showing his leg stripes and shading. One photo (with snow) is from the winter I first bought him. He was a whale!!!

Nina and Jadon
Kentucky 2020

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