Possible NASTY abscess (a bit long)


I have been away for awhile but a new bout of abscesses has come around. (Main questions in bold below) A couple weeks ago my guy slipped on the ice and went down onto both front knees. This was followed by swelling, heat and digital pulse in the LF, some swelling up the pastern and leg. My vet examined him, prescribed Bute to get the swelling down. I knew I shouldn't give it him but the leg was so stocked up. A few days after Bute, we suspect ulcers came back and he stopped all 'meals' and hay only. I started aloe right away (1/2C) but he was not interested in any supplements/hay pellets. We were on a great diet of MadBarn, jiagoluan and Mov-Ease....now it's all off the table!

On this past Monday, he started getting a muscle spasm/tremor in his RIGHT front tricep area and some heat in his right front hoof. This gradually worsened - the tremors and unwilling to bear weight (but mind you still recovering from a draining abscess on the LEFT front). We thought it may be an abscess. Given the whole virus situation, vets are only doing emergency calls but I did pick up Omeprazole to start and sent him a video of the muscle spams and continuous shifting of the legs. He agreed it was most likely an abscess but he has difficultly standing on the other leg to be investigated by our farrier.
5 days later, the tremoring is worsened and he can hardly stand to bear weight, it's getting worse, which may be 'good' news (but I am on the verge of mental breakdown! :))
We have been able to very quickly clean out and apply a home made poultice (our tack supply stores are closed completely so I am out of Animalintex poultice and using a diaper, Epsom salts, warm water and ACV).

I am quite sure this is a terrible abscess but you know how we second guess these things and watching them in pain is awful. He's laying down a lot now, to relieve pain I am sure. I am concerned that he gets cold from laying on the wet ground (it's still winter here, snowing today), and isn't eating while laying down.
Thoughts on laying down a lot?
Anyone else had muscle tremors/spasms due to an abscess lasting a week?
IS my DIY poultice OK? (keep in mind, pandemic, basically have common household ingredients)
About how long before you have noticed improvement with appetite on Omeprazole?

New Brunswick, Canada


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