Re: Possible NASTY abscess (a bit long)

Eleanor Kellon, VMD


The key to getting through this is to concentrate on eliminating the cause of the pain, not on the pain itself. I know that's easier said than done but if he is  passing manure, urinating, drinking and eating he'll  make it through this until you can get rid of the cause. Make sure he has a protected spot with a dry bed to lay on if he chooses to do that. If he has that option and prefer to lay elsewhere, so be it. His choice. Laying down is fine. Horses have spent months down and still recovered.

The muscle trembling is pain, and muscle fatigue from keeping the leg nonweightbearing.

I hope you have stopped the bute completely. It is all risk, no benefit. He obviously isn't getting much of anything in terms of pain relief but it is threatening gut (stomach and colon), kidney and also slowing resolution of the abscesses. Stop it. Get him back on Jiaogulan even if you have to syringe it in. You can use it with the omeprazole. Pain also decreases appetite so you can't use that as measure of omeprazole working. It's working! Soak all hay (is it tested yet?). No reason he can't have the Mad Barn in some beet pulp or sprinkled on hay. Be sure to salt his hay to keep water consumption up.

Your homemade poultice is fine, and likely more effective than Animalintex which doesn't actually draw anything out.

For pain relief, try rubbing the coronary bands, back of the pasterns, lower legs and any hard muscles with Sore No More (here's one Canadian source: ). Stores may be closed but mail order isn't! The Arnica formula is very effective and horses also respond very well just to being "fussed over".

Once this crisis has passed (and it will), focus on getting your diet as tight and balanced as possible and make sure the trim is meticulously balanced.
Eleanor in PA 
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