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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Kathie,

Based on the radiographs and the few photos, the previous trimmer did a good job tweaking the trim to get rid of the excess toe length. The bony column alignment is pretty good. Lack of sole depth is a big issue right now, as are the underrun heels. Sinking is adding to the thin sole issue. Target's frogs are stretched forward and narrow, but appear to be fairly healthy.

What type of boots and pads is Target wearing? I would recommend that the pads be fairly thick, with some give to them. She might also be more comfortable with a hole/depression cut out of the pads in the front half of the pad so there is less pressure on the sole in the front half of the foot until she develops more sole depth. You want the pads to conform to the bottoms of her feet and squish up into the collateral grooves so that she gets support across the entire bottom of the foot rather than have it concentrated on her walls. Boots should have the treads beveled well to put the breakover in the proper position.

Trim was done on March 20 (based on the dates in the photos) so you don't need another trim until 4 weeks later. Trim will need to maintain the toe length (at ground level) and breakover where they are now - don't allow it to creep forward again. Need to add bevels to the very backs of the heels but don't lower them or the HPA will become worse. Trim only loose tags off the frogs while allowing them to callous over properly. The stretched tip of the frog will begin to dangle at some point - then you can trim it off. Have a read on Pete Ramey's site for some more in-depth information on what you are looking to accomplish:

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