Re: Possible NASTY abscess (a bit long)


Thank you Dr. Kellon!
Shortly after I wrote this I went back to check on him and he was down, flat out and labored breathing, pale gums and high heart rate. We could not rouse him and he was soaked from the mud and shaking all over. We called the emerg. vet and she came out. He had decent gut sounds but very lethargic and would not lift his head. She gave him banamine which didn't seem to help and then Detomidine. I am sure it was the wrong thing to do as far as drugs, but I had no choice. It was that or euthanize him. I couldn't leave him suffering in the mud. 
We were able to get him up then and he had a drink and started eating hay. He seems ok now.

RE. the MadBarn, etc. he will not eat anything but hay now.

New Brunswick, Canada


Case History:


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