Re: At. My. Wits. End.

Trisha DePietro

Oh my, you do have issues with your horse getting the stuff in....I have tried numerous strategies as well with my horse who is highly suspicious of her food bowl....So, I went back to plain stuff....then added everything one day at a time as a pinch...literally enough for an ant to eat....then gradually added two pinches a day then three then get the idea. its a slow process...and its best to stretch it out over many many many days as you can. I also was hiding the pergolide tabs in a clear vegetable capsule...decided to do the opposite and took it out of the capsule and it turns out she doesn't like the vegetable cap....I then found items that would get her attention and use them for three to four days than switch before she rejected a different thing that she likes...but after 3-4 days she rejects it so...i just keep switching it around and sometimes I even give her a treat prior to feeding so she has the treat flavor in her mouth before she far this strategy is working...for now. 

When I accepted the fact that this is in her nature to be suspicious...I decided to let that angry energy go. It wasn't helping me nor was it helping our relationship....some days I just turn and walk away and go do my other barn chores and ignore her. Some days, I just leave the whole thing there and by the time I get home from work, its gone...completely gone, licked its a journey thats for sure...hang in there and just keep trying....Also, try not to get any pergolide on anything seems they have a sixth sense for the smell of pergolide....
Trisha DePietro
Aug 2018
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