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Joy V

Just spoke to my vet and got Willie's most recent blood work results.  I'm ambivalent about his results.  His ACTH is controlled (YES!!) his IR is uncompensated (UGH).  (CF is updated.)  I did confirm unofficially that his tests were done at Loomis.  Someone on here (can't remember who) told me that they must have been done @ Davis, but my results say "in-house" on them now.

I know it's mostly because of the new grass growing in his paddock.  He keeps it looking like a putting green (more sparse than that, but he's cutting it short.  He's a pro at grazing, doesn't pull up the roots ever unfortunately).  It is supposed to be sunny & clear here for a few weeks.  I plan to try & find industrial vinegar and a sprayer so I can kill all the grass.  I'm sad that he's still having issues despite trying so hard to help him.  The biggest issue is $$$$.  I need to buy him hay that's tested, so that means going to a source outside the barn where he is boarded.  I also won't get any credit on my board for buying my own hay.  I'm up to 3 jobs now, just trying to get him taken care of.  And now it is hard to just go out and buy the vinegar.  Just frustrated and feeling somewhat defeated - feels like swimming hard against a strong tide.  Poor guy.  He deserves better.

His feet look so much better though.  Unfortunately I never got befores, but I will try & get pictures when my hoof care professional comes tomorrow to trim him.  She has made a world of difference.  She's on here as a member, I'll have to ask her if I can recommend her.  She rocks.

Anyway, thanks for "listening"....

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Nevada County, CA - 2019

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