Re: New blood work

Joy V

Hi Kirsten,

Yes, I tried salt, and then I watered.  But it didn't kill the grass.  

The barn hay is always changing, so it's not really a help to get it tested because it will change before I even get the test back most likely.  The barn owner buys very nice (bad for my horse) hay.  I can't soak the barn hay because I don't have the time it would take to do it unfortunately (it would have to be soaked at the barn for both feedings & I'm working 3 jobs so logistically I can't make it work - I did try).  My goal is to buy the tested hay my hoof care practitioner has told me about and to feed my horse on my own and not use any of the barn hay.  My *ultimate* goal is to free feed him the tested hay in a slow feeder.  It always comes down to $$ though.  :( 

I'm going to focus on killing the grass.  I liked Lorna's idea of covering with something.  

Thank you so much for the suggestions Lorna & Kirsten both.  I appreciate it.
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