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If I can arrange to have my vet come up to do some blood work on Rio I was hoping to get some info to prepare for the appt.  I don’t feel that her insulin is under control and worry she is potentially on the edge with  it being able to exercise her.  I don’t want to be sitting on a ticking time bomb. Her feed has been reduced and I’m working on her feet issues.  Here are my questions:

1.  Since we did an acth in the fall and it was in normal range do I repeat it again now that she is on Prascend or should I try to do one of the early PPID tests instead?  Either the TRH Stim or the domperidone stim test?

2.  She has been on metformin for about a month and a half as of next week and I  wondering if it is working as well as it was as her crest seems to be getting inflamed and large again.  Might be hormone related as well but I plan to do a glucose and insulin test to see what her levels are at and if higher can I look at trying Invokana?

3.  What else should I do for tests if my vet comes up?  I have no access to a CT or MRI at this time so can’t see about checking for a tumour and can’t check eyes really either as my vet is not equipped with anything for this other than what we did before for Rio which only showed her pressures in the high range of normal on the left eye.

4.  Should I take her off any of her supps before the visit? I herb, spirulina, chondroitin, alcar or metformin or Prascend?

thanks I’m advance!!

August 5, 2017, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

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