Re: Cabergoline not available—emergency—Dr. Kellon

Mary T

I just had a conversation with Dr. Douglas.  He said the drug has been stuck in customs 12-14 days.  He thinks it may be in NYC—it is in the US.  He mentioned some other clients were going to call their congresspeople.  I am going to do that on Monday—I have two good Senators.  Anyone else heading into a situation like ours might consider doing the same.  The description is 25 GM cabergoline for horses, the only one (any other veterinary cabergoline would be for dogs).  I am afraid with all the horrific human tragedy, animals are being forgotten or pushed aside.

Dr. Kellon, he can’t compound from Dostinex due to the fillers.  He mentioned adding Cypro to the Pergolide for synergy until I can get the cabergoline again.

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