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I’ve been through all the same with Randy and TSC and Stabul 1 losing its ‘palatability’ factor.  This was years ago and I switched to a different low carb pellet for a few years.  Once Stabul 1 became available through Chewy, I started using it again.  I just ordered 4 bags from Chewy recently, not even considering it might have been on their shelf for too long.  I sure hope that’s not the case!

I’m not understanding your reason for not wanting to work with Chewy.  Is it the cost?  My horses seem to be totally addicted to ODTBC now.  I hope that continues as I just purchased a pallet of it from my feed supplier.  Nicole Sicely of Vermont Blend spent considerable effort trying to set up a Vermont source for Stabul 1.  This was after I’d already given up on using the product so I’m not sure where that stands.  You might check with her as she was recommending it to her clients.  I even had some interest in working as it’s supplier but I did not want to interfere with Nicole’s business dealings.


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