Re: Cabergoline not available—emergency—Dr. Kellon

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

There's no evidence at all that cypro works, either synergistically or on its own.  Over 20 years ago Dr. Schott's Cushing's Project demonstrated that cypro was no better than no treatment alone. That isn't the only one either.  A study out of New Bolton showed the same thing. Initial promising results did not account for seasonal changes (they weren't recognized at the time). Cypro was resurrected fairly recently when horses were not adequately controlled within Prascend's recommended dosage ranges but with absolutely no new evidence to back up the recommendation.

If you do decide to try the 0.5 mg of oral cabergoline, I would definitely have APF on board first just in case, and you can retest in a week or so to see if the benefit you saw with injectable is being sustained with the oral dose. I've reached out to  my equine clinicians group again to see if I can locate anyone using it orally.
Eleanor in PA 
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