Re: Update: getting worse - help!

Trisha DePietro

Hi Carly. ...I would definitely remove the small patches of grass....If you have an old carpet or an old black tarp you can easily cover those areas and get the grass to die off. After they wilt and die...then you can scratch up with metal rake, the dead grass and roots and remove them. This way she can get her turnout that she needs, and she doesn't have to be muzzled. I just noticed that my demons are eating some miniscule pieces of grass that are coming up under the fencing and between their I took old rubber stall mat pieces and have lined those areas...they don't push the rubber mat at all and so far have not pawed at it. the black rubber should kill it in a few days to a week. I have also removed small patches with a hand held sod cutter that you push through the grass with your foot...carpet or tarp is really easier. I hold it down with bricks and large stones...just another option in the war against grass spots!  

Trisha DePietro
Aug 2018
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