Laminitis, ringbone and pedal osteitis supplements?

Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

HI all,
Tomorrow we have a vet appointment for a tildren profusion to aid with the demineralization of the pedal bone and to recheck hoof angles to make sure we have correct medial breakover on Vinnie's left front. 
I am wondering if there is anything else supplement wise I can add to help with comfort. I have to update my case history because I forgot to add his CBD crumbles and I do bi annual adequan im injections. He is getting mov ease and condroitin sulfate and photo quench. 

His ringbone has always been secondary and not too bothersome as long as breakover was addressed, but now with him being 21 and having been on stall rest for so long I am sure his arthritis like in people;  can get worse from not moving much.  Notably he was active before all this happened and keep in mind he was activley showing in 2017 in arabian sport horse at the age of 18.  

Thanks in advance!
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