Donkey with Cushings and isn't shedding coat while on Prascend and ACTH is controlled

Leah Bartel

Blossom is a standard donkey and was diagnosed with Cushings December of 2019. She had an ACTH level of 51 pg/mL with the normal range being 9-35 pg/mL. She started on a half tablet of Prascend and then we upped her dose to 1 tablet in the middle of March. She still has not shed out her winter coat, whereas her 8 year old daughter has almost totally shed out her coat. Otherwise, her hooves are relatively good, little to no laminitis, and she is sound. Her cresty neck has significantly softened and shrunk but is not totally gone. She has a body condition close to 5. She still has a little fat pad over her rump and her eyes are still goopy/crusty. Her coat quality is pretty stiff and long despite frequent brushing. We just did another ACTH test and her number was 13 pg/mL (within the normal range of 9-35 pg/mL). Why is she still not shedding if the ACTH is controlled?

Should I increase her prascend dose?

The vet wasn't concerned about her coat and brushed it off as her being a donkey (despite her daughter having a short, sleek, and soft coat) and that she is older, somewhere in the 18-22 range. The vet thinks I should decrease her prascend dose to a half a tablet.

I have not balanced their hay yet as I am currently in the NRC plus course right now. Will hopefully be able to balance their hay once I finish the course. 


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