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My trimmer is the one who took the photos right after she trimmed. She is coming for another horse today so maybe she would do another set of photos. She is moving next month so I have another trimmer coming with her to see what should be done. I worry about her as she has said that in her opinion Target should be put down as there is nothing that will help her now. I don't know how I would be able to pay for mark ups as I am in Canada and don't do any money stuff on the computer. Thanks for the suggestions. I have tried different pads, lower at the heel, taller at the heel, extra at the rim as tho she had some wall to stand on and not just her sole. Different thickness pads, different material etc., nothing seems to make any difference to her soreness. She is sore in and out of the boots. Banimine seems to help her comfort and she will walk a bit on her own, but I worry about giving that every day. I have ice vibe boots for her, a back on track sheet and polos, emu oil for the coronet band and heel bulb. The bottom of the foot is right flat and the frog is even with the sole. At the very tip it just runs right into the sole. There are no collateral grooves depth to measure, so I am assuming there is still very little sole too? The whole bottom of the foot is hard, even the frog feels like hoof material. I'm not sure if I should try to soften the frog or not. Very worried for Target, she is only 19 and I have owned her since she was 10 months old, she is the sweetest horse, everyone loves her.
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