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Jan Petersen

Hi, I just received RC’s spring bloodwork results. His glucose was 135mg/dL and his insulin was 117.69ulU/ml. Both results are higher than his pre treatment and diagnosis levels, so I am gravely concerned. His ACTH was 56.4pg/ml and his Leptin was 24.01ng/ml. His leptin was also significantly higher than previous levels. For comparison in October, 2019 his glucose was 83, insulin was 39.47, ACTH was 52.5 and leptin was 5.92. He has always been allowed hay prior to his bloodwork, but no grain or supplements. I found out he was given alfalfa cubes with his supplement RelyneGI ( an HA supplement from Hagyard Pharmacy) I am planning on repeating his bloodwork to confirm results with only hay prior to lab work, but my vet doesn’t think it needs done urgently, as he is asymptomatic. There have been no other changes in his diet. He is on free choice tested hay( <10% carbs/ sugar), he is in a dry lot. Stabul 1 grain with 1 cup of triple crown 30. ( 3/4 lb grain am and pm) California Trace mineral supplement, teaspoon of salt am and pm, vitamin e 2000 and occasional flax only treats. Any suggestions until I have his blood redrawn? I called Hagyard pharmacy and they don’t think there is a contraindication for their supplement for IR horses. The only symptom he had over the winter was increased sweating. We resolved that with clipping and blanket changes. 

Thank you!! Any help will be greatly appreciated!! I love my boy!! 

Jan Petersen
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