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Jan Petersen

Hi, He had gained weight after being treated for ulcers, but he seems normal now. As far as supplements, everything is the same as when he was last tested. The only difference was that he was given the alfalfa cubes with the RelyneGI supplement on them before his bloodwork, instead of just hay, as he normally does. I will make sure he is retested ASAP. He is on 2mg of Pergolide. He was increased to 2 mg in the fall of 2018. I asked my vet to increase his Pergolide when he started sweating, however they didn’t feel comfortable going over 2mg. They said their liability was too great. So we started him on ciproheptadine 12/31/19 and discontinued it April 8 as I saw no difference in him. He was started on compounded Pergolide from Wedgewood Pharmacy on February 26. His bloodwork was done on 4/13/20. That was the only change since his last bloodwork. As to his case history, I would love if someone could help me update it. I am a computer illiterate. Thank you all so much. Also, I think I misspoke when I said he had free choice hay. He gets 4 -5 flakes in a slow hay feeder in his dry lot and in his stall. 
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