Re: New lab work

Jan Petersen

Hi, I’m so happy to report that my vet agreed to increase RC’s Pergolide to 3 mg daily. The barn manager has also agreed to substitute TC Timothy Cubes, for the alfalfa. And, his repeat bloodwork is scheduled for next week. Also, I weighed his hay, and he is getting 7.5 lbs in a slow hay feeder in his stall and 8lbs in two slow hay feeders in the dry lot, that he shares with another horse. He was 983 lbs per the weight tape and he is 15.2. I am also going to have the vet do lateral Xrays of his front feet. Thank you all for your help. I will update you when his lab results come back! 😊

Jan and RC
Stockertown, PA, USA
Feb 2018
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