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Hi Dawn - we vaccinated Sunday with that vaccine this spring.

Last year he only got the 3 way, because we were planning on splitting the vaccines & doing the WNV & rabies after a few weeks. He had a significant injection site swelling after the 3 way, which I iced & took 7 days or so to fully resolve, but that was all I noticed at the time.  However when my vet came to do the WNV & rabies last year, Sunday had increased digital pulses & she did not want to vaccinate him.  He had never had that sort of problem before so I was not checking & he was not lame. Lesson learned for me!  Since he had been vaccinated every year for many years past, my vet agreed with me to skip them last year. Then I doubled down my research online & found this group, which has saved Sunday from laminitis if not worse I am sure.  He has been doing well following ECIR protocol (lost weight & physical signs of site specific fat pads & crest reducing) - weight tape has his weight loss at about 150-175 lbs since last July.

Since the Zoetis Core EQ vaccine is used by CSU ambulatory as well as Littleton Large Animal (a really big equine practice south side of Denver) without issue all last year, my vet was most comfortable with it & it is her vaccine of choice this year. We really wanted to do the rabies vaccine, as we already have rabies cases  in wildlife in the area this year.  My vet felt this was the only safe vaccine with rabies for horses currently available. There is another livestock rabies which is labeled for horses, but she had heard of too many adverse events with that one. So we pretreated with Benadryl & Banamine & I did the 2 days of Benadryl post vaccination every 12 hrs & he did ok.  I do feel like he had a generalized inflammatory response though. No labs, but the fat pat in front of his tail has slightly enlarged.  And I did have to ice the injection site on his neck - but that was slight & gone within 24 hrs.

Just one experience - hope it helps. 

Rozanne & Sunday
July 02 2019  Larimer County, Colorado
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