seem Flax

Reta Heaslip

I seem to be having a problem with the flax I use in my horse's supplements. I buy non stablized flax from a local feed store. The flax is used for animal consumption and it has a coarse texture. I keep the flax refrigerated until I prepare the supplement mix. At the barn, the mix is transferred from a clean, sealed plastic container to a clean glass canister with a tight-fitting lid. The flax is exposed to light and air once daily when adding supplements to carrier for feeding. As well, the temperature in the barn is relatively cool - very little fluctuation in temperature.  The problem is the flax (in supplement mix) goes rancid within 2 weeks or less. I no longer have the original bag that it came in to check the date and do not know how long the flax may have been sitting around at the feed store. Has anyone else had this problem?  Could any of the other supplements including salt affect the flax? Should I be rethinking stabilized versus non stabilized flax? Any comments would be appreciated.
Sept 7, 2017
Gananoque, ON, CA .

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