Re: IR/Cushingoid horsekeeping in the Los Angeles area?


I would seriously reconsider moving a 28 and 29 year old horse across the country into a completely different environment ( desert without seasonal changes) that includes extreme heat. You are looking at six to eight days of hauling them just to get them there, and possibly longer if there is a several day layover.  I shipped a 17 year old mare from Northern California to Michigan several years ago, with a good shipper who kept in contact with me, and when she arrived after ten days on the road( three of those on layover in Oklahoma City) , she was dehydrated and ended up having to be tubed the next day when she colicked. Shipper told me she refused to drink on the trailer and they had a hard time getting her to drink in Oklahoma. Your PPID horse will be without pergolide during the trip, as most shippers will not administer meds to horses.  You could fly them, but again, I have no idea if the airlines are willing to ship horses of their age. 
This is before you put them into a completely different environment.  
As was recommended by others, I would try to find them another home in Indiana where they live out their days in more familiar environment. You shouldn't give up personal opportunities for yourself, but I would not move horses that elderly.
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