Selenium deficient


Hi Dr Kellon 
Long time no talk!
And this is a horrible topic but I’m hopeful you can help. 
We (my daughter actually) bred a horse and we have had tragically lost the baby. 
Starting from the beginning tho, we bred her two years ago and confirmed her pregnancy at 45 days. But at 5 mo, just before the first pneumabort she slipped. We didn’t find the fetus. 
She was bred again in spring and settled well again. So on the advise of the repro vet started pneumabort at 3 mo. 
Of note at about the time of the first pregnancy check I noticed she had very tight hamstrings and a stringhalt like walk. We did some stretching and it didn’t progress or get better. 
Fast forward to Easter night, she snuck in delivery of her 88 lb colt between our checks. He was up dry and nursing. However her placenta retained. Vet came by 11 and flushed and got the placenta out. Foal check he looked great. The IGG was early but over 800 so we were good. 
Mare got smz for 14 days and Banamine for a week for the placenta retention. 
Monday he did great all day. Tuesday day time was ok but that evening he was pretty sleepy and was sterna but didn’t get up. Then lied back down. We let him nap a half hour then my daughter got him up, hind end weak but once up he walked and nurses and didn’t lay down so she left them be about 11. 
Wednesday morning at 8 feeds we found the foal dead. No trauma. Appears to have been during sleep. 
We took him for necropsy. 
Absolutely nothing wrong except extreme selenium deficiency. 
Ugh. I will forever kick myself for this. She is a super easy keeper and never needed grain. So I never gave her any! So... I never gave her supplements! What was I thinking? Argh!!!
So. She is also kinda old. But has awesome old bloodlines that you just can’t get anymore. So we are try again. And I must never have this happen again. 
We started her on 1 qt strategy gx plus a 1 oz scoop CA Trace twice a day. I guess that gives her about 2.5 mg/day. 
Is that adequate? Should I give her BoSe? I have some. 
She was bred today, had a 43 mm follicle on the right. Day 28. Got HCG. Fingers crossed. (Live cover so will get to decide if she’s needing another cover Wednesday, up to her)
But. Did I mention I can’t let this happen again????
And here’s the other part.... just this month, I have heard of two other deaths with the same symptoms and story. And one who is alive and at UCDavis. With confirmed white muscle disease too. 
I have heard of WMD but have never heard of a real case of it. And now 4?? And seriously all I hear from all of my Equine community is that this year many foals are dying. 
What is different??
Do I need to supplement my other horses. Most are well into their 20’s now. One is 35!!! He has cushings of course. Lol
One is about 28, he’s my longest pergolide boy, I think he’s been on for 13 years now. Went up last year from 3 to 4 mg. This winter his left front carpus developed a huge mass/ cystic formation? I dunno but it’s time to let him go. But he’s not been lame really before. So he’s been a Pergolide success. 

Can you lend some help for my mare?? We may only have this year left to get a foal from her. She’s 24 now!! 
Her name is Conejos Ooo La Cha Cha. We call her Cha Cha. 
Her foal was Whiskey (Sire is Tequila) 

Beth Kennalley 


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