Re: Selenium deficient

Frances C.

What is her breed? Warm Blood? Paso Fino? An 88 lb foal is pretty small for a horse. You must be doing something right in horsekeeping to have such long lived horses. Congratulations! I know the heartbreak of loosing foals. Has the stallion and mare been tested for inheritable genetic diseases? Is the mare in pain? Was the placenta normal size? Is she fit and strong enough to carry a foal to term? Ask yourself these questions. I wonder about "selenium deficiency" - perhaps it is a symptom of something else. Could the banamine orĀ  smz got into the foal via the milk? As an aside I quit giving my broodmares anti-abortion shots after loosing the foals 24-48 hours after administration - just sickening even to this day and that was almost 20 years ago.
- Frances C.
December 2017, Washington & California
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