Re: Horse is being fed "treats" against my will

Joy V

"Glad to see you recently updated you CH, but it does not seem to show the two 'recent' laminitis attacks.  Might want to add those to help people reading it get a clearer picture.  Also, I would update photos, body and hooves, and x-rays if you have any newer ones."

Here's the picture, he's PPID/IR.  Currently PPID is well controlled, IR is uncompensated according to RISQI.  I have him on a diet, following all Dr. Kellon's protocols re feeding.  I hope that helps clarify his status.

The recent laminitis events were on April 8 (thru 12 until improvement) and general "footiness" that was not resolving all within the past 3 months (vet has been out during that time).  And then the low grade laminitis today.  I've been working 3 jobs for several months now, and was already working 2 of them for the past 3 years.  I haven't had much extra time to update my CH.  I also don't have the money to get new x-rays right now - I'm still paying for the previous vet visit when I had blood drawn.  When my trimmer comes next week I will ask her to help me take some pictures.  He had been staying pretty sound and had improved so much since I got his initial DX.  I'm really sad, and really stressed out about this.  I feel terrible for him, and it infuriates me that she would do this to him.  That's why I am asking here.  I have told her to her face to never feed my horse because he has Cushing's and is IR.  I have signs up on all available sides of his paddock, several to each side.  I read one WITH her when I talked to her face to face.  The BO has told her 2x she cannot feed the horses. 

So I did get some good ideas, thank you everyone.  I am looking at some pretty cheap trail cams and will put one up just for a little peace of mind hopefully.  When I left tonight I went back I was so paranoid.

*Admins if this should be moved to horsekeeping, would you please do it?  I don't know how to.  Thank you. 
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