Re: Permax-how long to start working

Makyla Waters <twolegged@...>

Hi Linda - I started my horse on permax in April and saw some immediate
results (quit excessive salt/water intake and body sensitivity went away),
but after about 45 days he started to grow a winter coat and really seemed
lethargic. I switched vets at this time because I wanted to use the BET lab
work. It came back that his cortisol rhythm is low, but also low on
thyroid. It makes sense (he's lethargic and cranky at times) and am waiting
for the thyroid supplements to get here! On another list one person
recommends taking their basal temp first thing in the morning (prior to
food). A low temp may indicate thyroid issues. I've started taking my
horse's temp every few days and he is low or borderline, so that matches his
bloodwork. I will continue to take his temp when I put him on the thyroid
to see what happens. Some medical doctors use the basal temp guidelines to
help diagnose for human thyroid problems.

I think the answer on how long for the permax to work is individual and
changes with stresses in our horses lives. I went on 2 trail rides with a
group of horses just prior to when my horse started to backslide - could it
have been the stress that did it? (And outwardly he's very calm.) I guess
the monitoring will go on for the rest of their lives!

Take care, Makyla & 4-legged friends

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