New vet with different ideas

Patricia Evans

I've recently changed vets and was discussing the upcoming blood work to be drawn on my PPID/IR guys. I am planning on ACTH, insulin and glucose to be drawn on three horses, but when I was clarifying about their ability to spin down the blood work in a timely fashion before shipment, the reply was that they have found the blood could be allowed to settle to separate, so it did not need to be spun. Is this accurate? I don't want to get back possibly false lows on my guys, especially with the oncoming seasonal rise and a very sensitive PPID mare that has come back great from her bout of laminitis. 

I didn't know how to respond at the time of the discussion, but she stated it in a very confident manner that made it seem to be known as a common practice. She seems to be very knowledgable and open to questions and changes, so if I need to tell her it definitely needs to be spun, I'm pretty sure she would accomidate me. She is not a new vet and has been in a practice with several other vets for a good number of years, so I don't know if I'm being given old info or something new? All info is very appreciated!



North central Florida

July 7 2018


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