Re: Vet Approved Invokana for Rio

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Sorry. I did answer this but it didn't post for some reason.

On Tue, May 19, 2020 at 07:53 PM, hdavis wrote:
My vet is on board to try Invokana but we have some questions:

1. Can we give Invokana with Prascend?  Yes.

2.  My vet is coming out next Tuesday, so would it be beneficial to pull bloods and test glucose and insulin to see if the Prascend increase has helped at all?  Sure. it's always useful to try to find what is working.

3.  We will also do a CBC as suggested by Dr. Kellon. If it comes back with no issues when would you suggest we start the Invokana? I think you meant a chemistry panel, not CBC. If you're good to go on kidney function tests, start any time but remember, no bute, Banamine or Previcox.

4.  When would you suggest to do another glucose/insulin test to see if the Invokana is working? Start checking urine for glucose after a few day; repeat blood in one month.

5.  What dose should we start at- the higher dose? Yes, the higher dose

5.  Is the use of this drug a long term/lifetime drug like pergolide or can the dose be reduced?  We don't know yet and individual details might affect this. For example, if you start a regular riding program you may be able to reduce or eliminate it. Just don't know yet!

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