Re: Working out Hay Amounts for Mini's Diet

Nancy C

oHey Lynn --

So everyone is on the same page, I have balanced Lynn's minerals for her herd. The analysis  supported 6 pounds per day for the minis and 8 for the donks to help them begin to lose weight. This test is apparently NIR and not Wet Chem. More on that below.

Because Lynn had a herd situation and 12 pounds total was fed per day for the food, I was concerned that somebody may get too much and somebody may get too little, risking getting fatter for the former and hyperlipedemia for the latter. We did talk about separating them at least til things got sorted out. Knowing more reliably what each is getting will allow you to move forward.

Lynn, if this test is NIR vs Wet Chem, the ESC may actually be much higher than reported. We have seen that happen before.  It would be a common move to use NIR if the test was done by the supplier, as it is less expensive. Checking with him will let you know for sure, if you don't already know. Depending on how much of this you have left, you may want to consider retesting using the Equi-Analytical's #603.

Bella (the grey, right?) is eleven. Depending on the ages of the others (sorry not recalling that info) you may also need to think about possible PPID.

Is Bella still lamintic? She's not getting grass in turn out, right? Can you tell us how it is going using the weight tape?

Thanks for getting this started Lynn. Apprciate the CH.

Nancy C in NH
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