Re: Hives (again) and swollen sheath (again)

Joy V

Hi Bonnie,

Thank you for looking up & sharing Lad's history with me.  Thank goodness the benedryl doesn't affect Willie's personality at all.  You can't even tell he's on it.  I was considering adding spirulina, but will see what the vets @ my vet's home office say today.  (I did get a call back from the vet on duty late last night.  She left a very thorough voicemail for me and gave me an email address where I can send pics and case history info and one of their vets will respond.)  I also plan on talking to my vet tomorrow - I have to go to his office to get a tube of banamine to replace the one I borrowed at the barn.  If he thinks he needs to see Willie, I'll have him out right away.

Of course Willie has allergy issues with almost every fly spray - they make his skin peel.  Hoping that lessens or goes away once the insulin is good.  I will probably need to check insulin again in a month or so to see if the tested hay is helping.  I do have a spray that doesn't affect his skin and works well with against the flies (midges not as much), but it smells like cheap cologne.  Everyone teases Willie's got a hot date when I spray it on him.

I really appreciate your reply and the info, thank you very much.

Joy and Willie  
(aka FLS Boxcar Willie)

Nevada County, CA - 2019

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