Re: Hives (again) and swollen sheath (again)

Joy V

Thank you Dr. Kellon, for your reply.  I will talk to my vet about the Pentosan tomorrow.  I have administered it to Willie myself previously so that won't be a problem and maybe I can save on a farm call fee there.  I'll mention the stanozolol to my vet tomorrow too, to make sure he has some available if it's needed.  I'm making a note of that one in my file for Willie, it's good to have an arsenal of ideas.  

I hope I didn't sound hysterical in my original post.  This horse means a lot to me and has really been a help with some major grief in my life.  And he has soooo many issues, it makes me really nervous when he's off.

I'm very grateful to you and this group for all the information and help I've gotten here.

Thank you again!!
Joy and Willie  
(aka FLS Boxcar Willie)

Nevada County, CA - 2019

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