Re: Hives (again) and swollen sheath (again)

Joy V

Hi Frances, thank you for responding.  I don't think there was contamination per se on the lining, I do think it was the hot weather combined with the fact that lining didn't seem to allow his skin to "breathe".  The fly sheet material is nice because it works like a cooler and wicks his sweat away so he's almost always dry when I take it off him no matter how high the temp is.  That lining seemed to trap his sweat.  The hives are nearly gone this evening, so that is resolving.  I do believe the sheath issue is related to either the midges here (no see ums) and/or the insect bite or sting on his mid-line.  That location is still swollen (not excessively) and his sheath is still swollen.  The hives began on Tues AM and the sheath swelling began Fri night or early Sat morning.  

He will be seeing my vet tomorrow.  I did communicate with my vet's "home" office in another city, and the vet I communicated with there advised me to continue with banamine today as well as the benedry.  I'm going to ask my vet for Pentosan tomorrow.  

Willie has perked up today and is behaving normally, eating, drinking, pooping and urinating.  Oh, and he has normal temp and was also normal yesterday.  No unusual body heat.  I'm very wary to use neem oil on him because of his sensitivities to almost every kind of fly spray, oil, etc.  I've had him for 18 years, and have narrowed down the products that he handles well through trial and mostly error.  The zinc oxide I use is in a petroleum based with no other additives and it seems to really be effective with a bit of swat in it.  The only "issue" is that his tail and inner back legs are white and oily.  That's easily remedied though, thank goodness!  :)  Summer has always been a challenge for him and me.   

Your poor horse, he must have felt miserable!  How awful.  I would have been a total wreck over that, I'm so sorry you both went through it.  I'm glad you were able to get him out of there and someplace else where he could recover.  Has he ever had any issues again?  I really appreciate your detailed response and concern, thank you very much.  I will update once Willie sees his vet tomorrow and hopefully have some good news.  

One thing that is very apparent today is he has ***NO*** laminitis.  He is moving really well and he is starting to love his tested safe hay.  That is a lovely bonus.  
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