Re: Hives (again) and swollen sheath (again)

Joy V

***Update:  Willie saw his vet today.  Vet believes this is allergies as opposed to any type of infection.  He prescribed Hydroxyzine and suggested rinsing his hay that is tested (it's timothy hay) just to make sure it isn't any allergen *on* the hay.  He had to order the Pentosan and that will be coming in about 3 days.  He said that if these things don't help, we should probably allergy test him to see if it's the new hay he is reacting to.  I really really hope it isn't.  It's one of the few tested hays I was able to find anywhere near me and the other tested hay is also a timothy.  If the culprit is the hay, he recommended trying to find a teff hay and get that tested to see if it could work as far as ESC etc.  Fingers crossed this is due to flies/midges like every other time in his life.

Thank you all for your replies and for sharing your suggestions and information with me.  I really appreciate you and this group so much.  I'll keep this updated if anyone's interested in the outcome.

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