Re: Stress from Move Precipitating PPID/IR/Laminitis??


I am also interested in hearing everyone’s thoughts regarding our general management.  

First, the horses are living on a Paddock Paradise track.  The track is grass & dirt.  I do try to keep the grass to a minimum by mowing/scalping and by grazing with other species (cattle & goats).  Further, I chose to build the track in an area of our pasture that was already poor.  Most of the track is built along the worn truck path that we use for access to the back of the property.  I have included a couple photos in my album of the track.  Judging by those, is the amount of grass on the track “safe” for IR horses?  They do nibble what they can from the track, but I honestly don’t think there’s much there.  (And at any rate, I’m not sure how I could completely eradicate the grass, and I’m not sure that would be environmentally safe to do, as the ground is rolling and empties into a creek bed.  I wouldn’t want large amounts of run off washing into the creek below.). Is an IR horse likely to need a muzzle on a track like mine?

Secondly, someone suggested that Audi’s woes may be partly due to a lack of crude protein in his diet.  The hay is low in protein, and we supplement lysine & methionine per Dr. Gustafson’s recommendations.  (Hay analysis & mineral recommendations are in my case file.)  The horses are also getting ground flax.  Are they likely to be deficient in protein?  If so, what is a safe way to supplement that?

Lindsay in TX 2020

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