New lab results for Akira


Hi all ...I am updating my case history with the new lab results but I have a question. When my vet drew them he wasn't sure he sent them off properly spun or processed. I got my new lab results and they are pretty in line with last years except I noticed this years say Serum Insulin baseline and Serum Leptin baseline where as last year they were Plasma. Does this mean I need to redraw the leptin and insulin or are we good for another year. Her labs until I update her case history are:

Serum glucose 92 (reference range 71-122)
Serum Insulin 20.85 ref 10-40
Leptin 8.25 ref 

I am confused because last year her G/I ratio was 4.8 Compensated. This year it is 4.4 Uncompensated

RISQ 0.22 this year  Poorly compensated and 0.23 last year compensated
MIRG 8.8 High Insulin responder and last year 8.2 high insulin responder. I am confused if the numbers are so close why she would have gone from compensated to uncompensated and poorly compensated?

Also the glucose is the first time it has been sent out...the other vet used to test on site so this result came back with a bunch of other things like Lipemia, hemolysis, Icterus, Cobas Interface. I have no idea the relevance of all that or is it just the standard when you send a glucose off? I apologize but it is taking an extra long time to update my case history because that was on my old Windows 7 laptop and moving it to the new Windows 10 and trying to convert it has taken me sometime. I should have it updated soon but was more worried about all the past labs being plasma except the T3, T4 and Free T4 I had in the past vs this year being plasma and a new vet unsure of how to send them off.
Nancy and Akira
3/20/2018  Burkesville KY

Case History:

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