Re: Need Shedding Wisdom

Deb Walker

I know I'm late to the discussion here, but just got a chance to read through this. My Scotty has been body clipped (read shaved!!!) for at least the last 12-14 springs. Irregardless of meds, etc. he sheds a LOT, but just not enough to rid himself of his very thick winter coat before the heat is here. I have gone the route of doing it myself, paying fellow boarders at the time to do it, and having a professional clip. All in all, the professional is hands down the one who knows what she is doing, can work much more quickly, etc. It's expensive, but the results are wonderful. For the first time last year, he had to be re-clipped again late July, and looking at how much of his coat has grown back in since April this year, I fear that may be the new normal.

I see no one suggested something that came to mind when I was reading this, so just throwing it out there for your thoughts. Since Donna was an old hand at being clipped, is it possible that maybe the last successful time she got nicked by the razor or burned by the heat? I know horse's have good (and long) memories, and just a thought in case something happened that could have made her more jumpy.

I hope things are going better for you. Did you get the results on Lyme disease?
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