Re: Very High Insulin Results

mary odonnell

Hi dr kellon

Sammys mom here mary odonnell
Saw the email you sent out about high insulin on invokana and those considering retesting to contact you?

Was wondering what this is about. As you know sammys insulin was still over 200 last blood draw sent to cornell i guess it was about 2 weeks ago. And as i told u despite this his presentation is so much better. 

So wondering if u are finding some inconsistencies in testing or something.

Thank you

Hope is all is well. 😁

On Mon, Jun 15, 2020, 11:27 AM Eleanor Kellon, VMD <drkellon@...> wrote:

Any member USA who has been getting insulin results in the high 100 to 200+ range please contact me if you are considering a retest: drkellon "at"
Eleanor in PA 
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mary odonnell in NY 2019

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