Re: Our pony Flirt in trouble again!!

Lorna Cane

Hi Roger, 

From our Welcome Message .....

--" A proper trim is toes backed and heels lowered so that the hoof capsule closely hugs and supports the internal structures of the foot. Though important for all equines, it's essential for IR and/or PPID equines to have a proper trim in place since they are at increased risk for laminitis. After any potential triggers are removed from the diet, and in PPID individuals, the ACTH is under control, the realigning trim is often the missing link in getting a laminitic equine comfortable. In general, laminitic hooves require more frequent trim adjustments to maintain the proper alignment so we recommend the use of padded boots rather than fixed appliances (i.e. shoes, clogs), at least during the initial phases of treatment."

I hope you have printed off and studied Dr. Kellon's and Lavinia's messages about how to proceed. 
And that you offer them to your new trimmer.

Sherry and Amy have presented also important posts this afternoon.

Lorna  in Eastern  Ontario
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