Re: Our pony Flirt in trouble again!!

Roger Benson

Thank you Sherry, Amy, and Lorna for your thoughtful and helpful responses.  

Fortunately I did think about soaking daily and how that could worsen his already soft soles.  I have been doing it every 3rd day but will now stop. 

Everyone mentioned that “tight” diet.  I thought I had come a long way, but I know I must make it much tighter. Amy your experience really has motivated me.  

The hay I had was just under  a combined 10%. I was probably feeding too much as well.  I am now soaking for an hour before feeding.  Will test new hay and soak regardless in smaller quantity.  I have been increasing his Timothy cubes and backing off the hay during this time of stress. He likes the cubes and is not over weight.

While I tighten the diet and wait on the  trim, Flirt remains in pain.  During the presence, what can I give him for pain?  As mentioned earlier  he responses very well to Bute every 2nd or 3rd day. Should I continue this?  Can I do that safely, and for how long?  Is there an alternative?  I used J-herb during the winter with no positive affect.  Really searching for a way to deal with his pain now while working to lower insulin with diet, and then proper trim.
Very grateful to all who share their thoughts.
January 2018  Atwater, Minnesota
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