Re: Our pony Flirt in trouble again!!

Lorna Cane

Hi Roger,

I'd like to try to help suss out what more you can do, but please, please add details to Flirt's CH .
It's impossible to have to go back through all your messages to figure out what your managment is now. At least for me it's too cumbersome to do that. I would have to read your messages,take notes and go from there.
Your CH does that job so everyone can see the big picture.

Filling in the details is also likely to help you see things that you didn't realize could be improved upon.

I know it's tedious,especially when you are caring for a pony in pain.
But tell us where you get stuck,and someone more tech-literate than I am will help.

Flirt can be helped, but the details are so important, to ensure good advice.

Sending you strength to tackle that CH .ūü§ó


Lorna  in Eastern  Ontario
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