Re: Switching from Pergolide to Cabergoline

Angelika Busi

Thank you Dr. Kellon!

Should Qiqi have no reaction to the first injection, I will do the 2nd one already with 1 ml, so that she will be tested on July 20th. Should she have a reaction, the blood draw three weeks after the full dose would be on August 10. The slight delay is due to the fact that the injections are scheduled on Fridays, but I prefer the blood draw to be done on Mondays to prevent that the tubes are sitting in some post office over the weekend.
Do you think the August 10th date could already fall into the beginning of the seasonal rise for her? In that case would a test 2 weeks after the first full dose be already showing reliable results?

Angelika and Qiqi & Apollo

NE Illinois

September 15


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