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Hi Roger,

I've added a couple of mark-ups to Flirt's album:,,,20,2,0,0

There is some bony column rotation, as well as capsular rotation and significant sinking but none of this appears to have changed since the last time rads were done in 2018. There is now demineralization of P3 on both feet. All the feet have a lot of excess hoof capsule overall, with toes way out ahead of where they need to be and heels that are too high.All of the hoof capsules needs to be realigned with the position of the bony columns within. Because there is so much extra foot to work with, you should be able to make all the needed changes in this one trim. Then, the key will be to maintain them going forward.

LF lateral radiograph: The pink line shows how the bony column should line up but P3 has rotated slightly downward, out of position. This means that the heels need to be lowered somewhat in order to allow P3 to drop back down into the correct position. Blue Xs are all the extra hoof capsule that needs to be removed, with the bottom being taken off in a slightly wedged shape so that more is taken from the heels than in the front half of the foot. Yellow circle shows where the hole that is in the sole is located. A big portion of that damaged area will be removed when the excess hoof is removed. Green line follows the angle of the new growth toward the ground and runs parallel to the pink line.

LF sole: Blue hashed area is what needs to be removed to back up the toe so the breakover is in a better location.

RF lateral radiograph: Same discussion as the LF, except that there is no hole in the sole to deal with.

Hind feet will need the same type of work done to remove all the extra hoof and get the feet centered back under the bony column.

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