Re: Vinegar for insulin/glucose regulation


Hi Clare,

Prior to my mare officially being tested for IR I had suspected she was (she was very young when showing signs) so I started her on cinnamon and a few other herbs concoctions that were alleged to help humans. The cinnamon did nothing. Her numbers didn't budge til her diet was tightened, exercise increased and my final step was balancing her hay.  I have not personally used ACV for insulin but I know humans who were and it didn't budge their numbers either. Many years ago I tried ACV with the horses for bug control and my dogs for flea control and digestion etc....honestly the horses wouldn't touch the stuff....the dogs hated it and I tried for awhile and sometimes I could get them to take it but for the most part was unsuccessful and gave up. Personally I still feel that what may work for one doesn't for another and I am not sure about some "studies" that are done that make claims....were they actually done with a  placebo group or did people who decided to use ACV for insulin/glucose regulation...did they also make diet changes that were actually responsible for numbers changing. The words "can" and "may" in statements make my spidy senses go up.....I love ACV topically for things and use it all the time but internally not so much. I am sure others with more experience will have more fact base information but this was just my personal experience.

Nancy and Akira
3/20/2018  Burkesville KY

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