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Even with careful rinsing and flushing the Metformin is still irritating the crap out of her poor mouth ...for those of you have gotten it compounded ...did that make a difference Vs the tablets ground up and syringed?We inquired with Wedgewood and it’s insanely expensive ...did anyone else that got compounded find it to be a lot more money?? I’m wondering how important the Metformin actually is and if it’s completely necessary with all the irritation it’s causing ...the Pentoxifylline is also a big pain in the but too as it forms a sticky thick gel almost immediately when mixed with water ...I’m just having a tough time with all these meds. I’m wondering if I should just stop the Metformin until her mouth heals up looks like a swollen chemical burn. I got some Stabul One today ...I’m gonna try to see if she will eat the tablets mixed with some if that?
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