Re: Acute Laminitis / Hay Analysis / Bloodwork


I’m stopping the Metformin because her mouth is so inflamed and irritated ...the bute was to help with her immediate discomfort from her laminitis which was triggered by the steroids...we are weaning off the bute and are down to just 1 gram once per day for 1 more day ...the Pentoxifylline and the Ace were also given initially all to help reduce pain...I’ve stopped the Ace and I’m contemplating stopping the Pentoxifylline because she is so over having anything syringed into her sore mouth at this point...her bloodwork revealed high insulin (63) cortisol and acth normal ...she’s been off pasture , on stall rest , now eating tested low sugar Timothy, and I’ve stopped feeding the Gro N I’m hoping with just those diet changes alone her insulin will come down.
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