Fescue vs legume in grass hay

Kirsten Rasmussen

I have spoken to my new hay supplier.  He supplies an all grass hay (timothy, brome and orchard mixed) but he said there is "a little bit" of creeping fescue and red/purple top fescue in it, which he adds to increase the protein a bit.  He emphasized it is very little fescue  I did not ask if its an endophyte-free variety but having read a bit more I think I better call him back to ask.  He also grows a grass-legume mix hay (unfortunately I don't have the details on how much or what type of legumes). He appears to be a very conscientious grower who tries to produce quality hay, and he knows I am looking for low sugar so will point me to the part of the field that was cut earliest in the day.  Any input on which is the safest for an IR horse?  I don't know if Shaku is sensitive to legumes or not; he's certainly eaten a LOT of legume-rich hay in the years I've had him, until last year.  But I'm thinking the grass with small amounts of fescue is still the best choice?  If the fescue doesn't make up a large portion of the hay, then is it safe(r)?

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