Monty's Blood Work


Hi! I just got Monty's bloodwork back.

ACTH    20.8 pg/ml  (range says 9-35)
Insulin    12.91   (range 10-40)
Leptin  4.08   (range 1-10)

The IR Calculator says that his Insulin is "compensated IR", is this true even though it falls in the normal range? Apparently Glucose wasn't tested.  Thoughts? 

His other results:
Sodium   132  (says low)
Potassium 3.8
Chloride 93 (says low)
Bicorbonate 27
Anion Gap 16
Calcium 11.6
Phosphate 2.9
Magnesium 1.6
Lipemia 9  (says no lipemia if < 30 units)
Hemolysis 14  (says no hemolysis if < 20 units)
Icterus 2 
Iron   115 
Selenium  14.84 
Copper   1.03 
Vitamin E   143 (low) 

I can easily add more sodium and vitamin E to his diet, but what about Chloride?

Everything else seems within the normal ranges, based on the reference intervals.

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