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Those numbers are current. Migo should weigh approximately 1,000 pounds. He was at 1,250 but has already dropped weight since being on the Thyro L. He is now about 1,200. Based on his desired weight he gets 15 pounds of hay. I started soaking this week. Additionally he gets his 1 pound TCBC with his minerals balanced to hay analysis. This has been his diet since 2013 with small changes here and there. Surprisingly, he is not a big eater.
The lameness exam was pretty encompassing. He was cleared of Kissing Spine and complications with his SI joint injury. Hoofs and legs were clean.
His current trim is a work in progress as in March, when this round of 'things' started happening, he began laying down a lot of hoof. I mean, a lot. I could take off 1/2 a week and never get a head of the curve. His chestnuts, ergots, mane and tail have been on overdrive as well. He shed just fine and coat is normal, shiny as can be.
I am working on getting photos and xrays. Lynn (an expert picture taker here on ECIR) is going to help me. I want the photos to be on the same day as the xrays and am trying to get that scheduled.

Thank you,
Tracy and Migo
Tracy and Migo
Ohio, USA
February 2013

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